What are TrollCoins?
TrollCoin is a new digital currency similar to Bitcoin & Litecoin.
It is a fun currency to share with anyone in the world,
especially as a reward for the art of trolling.

How secure is this wallet?
We salt and hash all passwords in our database, any hacking attempts would be pointless.
SSL is available but not default
Only keep as many coins in this wallet as you need for
daily use. Secure desktop wallets are available for download at trollcoinbase.com

Why do you have a fee?
The low 0.5% transaction fee goes toward paying for domain, server, & bandwidth costs.

How do I get trollcoins in my wallet?
Your deposit address is how others send Trollcoins to your wallet.
This is safe for you to post publicly on places like Reddit, Twitter
(use #trollcoin), twitch.tv/arkadeum, & Bitcointalk.org to name a few.
For more ways to acquire trollcoins, search Google for "trollcoin"

Help: theledge98@hotmail.com
Donate: Tj67H2Fzwhka4feiMRyhNTNuwDLHhtdvJR